Precautions to take in case of fire

When a fire suddenly breaks out, everyone is in a panic. It is often an inconvenience that happens everywhere without warning. It can surprise you in your home or in your car. In this article we suggest what you should do immediately.

Fire at home

If a fire breaks out in your home, the people present must be evacuated. In this way, they are protected from the risk of intoxication that comes before the flames. The door of the room on fire should be closed as well as the door to the entrance. You should not take anything with you either. Once you are out of danger, what you should do immediately is to call the fire brigade. This can also be done with a SIM-free telephone. If the fire starts on the landing or below your house, do not panic. You should simply not attempt to evacuate. The fumes tend to rise and could trap you on the stairs. At the very least, you close the doors by barricading their base with cloths. If there is smoke, you should cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth, remaining down on the floor.

Fire in a vehicle

Your car may catch fire if smoke comes out of the bonnet while you are driving. In such a situation, you park the vehicle in an isolated place. You turn off the ignition and get the passengers out of the car. Then you alert the emergency services. You should know that the fire brigade usually takes ten minutes to arrive. The worst can’t be avoided in this case. What can save you is the fire extinguisher. It can limit the damage of the fire from the very beginning.  The fire extinguisher is an effective tool for vehicle and house fires. Especially powder fires. It is essential to have it with you, whether in the car or at home. You can keep one kilo in your vehicle, two for the flat and three to six kilos for a single-family home.